Things that need to be said… Tying up some loose ends… Etc. etc. etc.

So I realized that I never uploaded the beautiful HD 1080 version of “Can’t Nobody.” Here it is. Yay! Now before I move onto some Japanese music posting, I’ve just got some things to say… Regarding KPOP. They need to be said… Because, well, frankly, I don’t know why. They just do. Read on, my friends.

First of all, BoA is now officially dead to me. I don’t know what the hell SM Entertainment is doing, but new BoA just sucks. The mediocre songs? Okay, I could bear that a little bit. The mediocre choreography? Yeah, no. You’re done. After “Hurricane Venus,” I was willing to give BoA another chance, but “Copy & Paste” didn’t do anything for me, so BoA is officially dead to me now. Fail below:

Thing two: Hyorin is the only reason I listen to SISTAR anymore. Well, I don’t actually listen to SISTAR, but I still care about them… Solely because of Hyorin. The girl has some serious vocal power, and the rest of the group is dragging her down. She just needs to go solo. Now. I honestly pay no attention to the other members anyway.

Thing three: WTF miss A. I don’t know about everyone else, but I thought “Bad Girl Good Girl” was a really good sing. Whatever this new thing is is just bad. It looks like they’re trying to pull off some pop mutilated form of reggae. No. Just no. The verses were actually okay, but the chorus killed it. Cute? DNW. More fail below:

Thing three-and-a-half: HAM is back. Yay? Sort of. Their new teaser is sounding pretty good so far. If they don’t totally screw it up with some bathshit chorus (a la “T.T Dance”), then I might actually be into this group. The girls have got good vocals.

    • compliant
    • September 28th, 2010


    the lulziest part of that song was definitely the totally nonsensical verse-chorus transition that would’ve made PDG cry tears of joy.

    it just made absolutely NO sense, lol. “yeah, we’re bad ass rockah chicks, yo……TITTY DANCE!! ^^ TITTY DANCE!!! ^^”

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