2NE1 – To Anyone album review [w/ special guest McRoth]

YG Entertainment is known for making and producing talented and innovative artists. Their current fierce girl group, 2NE1, rocked the KPOP world with their debut single, Fire. Shortly after, the group released their I Don’t Care single, which gave senior groups like SNSD a run for their money! After over a year of sporadic activities, the group has finally come back to shower their fans with more music! The group’s first full length album, To Anyone, was released today, and myself and fellow-blogger McRoth got to sit down to give the tracks a thorough listening session! Continue reading


Chinese music (continued)

Well, so much for Physics class… I feel like it’s such a waste of my life since I already took the AP course in high school… Oh well… Easy A. Hehehehe. Anyways, let’s continue on with some more Chinese music! There’s no more Leehom in this post, so if you haven’t gotten your fill of him yet, then head on over to YouTube or something. This post is going to feature some other artists, so check it out!

Continue reading

A peek into a musical mind: The Middle Kingdom

So I’ve come to the realization that many of you reading my blog (if there are any people actually reading my blog) don’t really know what my music tastes are. To be honest, my musical tastes tend to change depending on what country’s music we’re talking about. Out of all the music I listen to, there are three countries that I tend to gravitate towards most: China, Japan, and South Korea. Today, we start off by looking at some of my favorite songs from the “Middle Kingdom:” China. Continue reading


I don’t know if this is just me, but for some reason I have “lost” the ability to upload pictures and stuff… When I click on the little picture icon, it brings me to an entirely new page instead of giving a pop-up window. What’s worse is that the entirely new page takes forever to do anything… GRRR!! Anyway…. Enough of my WordPress wows… Now onto some hot 2NE1 content!! Continue reading

KPOP fan Lesson #17: “Haters are just jealous!”

Since the beginning of girl groups, there have been fan clubs. Ever since I started listening to KPOP, and Asian music in general (about ten years ago), I’ve seen some pretty die-hard fans… But it has never been at the level that it is at today. With the rise of computers, the internet, and anonymous commenting, there are just people out there that are just making incredibly dumb and non-thought out comments… Continue reading

2NE1 brings on the R&B swag with “It Hurts”

After yesterday’s somewhat lack-luster teaser release of “Can’t Nobody,” YG decided to slow things down today with the release of a one minute and thirty second teaser of a non-title track song called “It Hurts.” The song is a slow-tempo R&B/Jazz track that is reminiscent of their “I Don’t Care” reggae mix. Continue reading

2NE1 teases double-negatives… Grammar Nazis cringe

So, if you’re a 2NE1 fan and you don’t know what this post is about yet, then shame on you! The news has literally spread all across the globe in a matter of hours. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? I’ll give you a hint: “Can’t Nobody.” No? Wow, you really must be dumb… Continue reading